Pisgah Center

Pisgah Center

Pisgah Center– regional center for development of teaching staffs in Afula

The Afula Pisgah Center is a central professional institution of the Afula school system.  The Center services all employees of the education system in Afula and surrounding communities and responds to the needs of all age groups in different sectors.

The Afula Pisgah Center supplies a modern-day response to the needs of teaching staffs (in state, state-religious, special education frameworks) and educational institutions and is responsible for creating professional development programs that target teaching professionals throughout the course of their careers—through teachers' courses, conferences and day seminars.

Goals of the Pisgah Center

  • Professional development of teaching staffs through a systemic-regional approach and generating partner relations between all relevant entities (Ministry of Education, district office, head office, Local Council and so forth).
  • Supply a response and services for the professional development of teaching professionals and education institutions, founded on professional principles and standards.

Objectives of the Pisgah Center

  • Plan an assortment of professional development frameworks and mechanisms for teaching staffs at all age levels, with attention to the educational continuum (teachers' courses).
  • Locate, pool and manage resources for the professional development of teaching professionals in the region.
  • Build a supportive system for extending professional services (expert counseling, instruction, guidance and accompaniment).
  • Establish a modern physical and technological infrastructure for knowledge management— organizational and pedagogical.
  • Develop an organizational culture founded on processes of review, evaluation and measurement.

The Center's staff

  • Itzik Weizmann – director
  • Dalia Lipshitz – deputy director
  • Zehava Ayala – instructor
  • Igor Beigal – computerization coordinator
  • Zvia Dekel – educational environment design
  • Yaala Miller – pre-elementary
  • Marina Mentel-Kollick – pre-elementary
  • Hinanit Laufer-Feld – education for living in society.
  • Avigail Shuffel – secretary
  • Aliza Shluka – assistant

Website: www.pisgafula.org.il