Assistant Director General for operations – Yaish Suissa

  • Phone: 04-6484201
  • Fax: 04-6401771
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Reception hours: Weekdays 08:00 – 16:00 – by prior arrangement.

The Operations Administration works to cultivate and improve the quality of life and surroundings for city residents. The administration is charged with continuously enhancing and preserving the city's maintenance for the benefit of its residents and thus maintaining the city's beauty as well as its services.

The Operations Administration orchestrates the units under its charge and coordinates with all other municipal administrations, external bodies and Israel Police.

The Administration is assisted by the public as well as regional administrations in order to locate and treat public hazards. In its work to improve quality of life and municipal services for residents, the Administration is guided by the Mayor's policy regarding the city's appearance and quality of its environment.





Oren Saban

Director of city landscaping



[email protected]

Amnon Berger

Lower Afula landscape inspector



[email protected]

Haim Weingarten

Givat Hamoreh and Afula Illit landscape inspector


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