The goal of the municipal police unit is to substantially strengthen deterrence and enforcement at the municipal level.  This will be achieved through a municipal enforcement apparatus that deters, prevents, and enforces the law in terms of violence, antisocial behavior, and crimes that affect quality of life.

The unit operates 24 hours a day in shifts and in tune with city life.

The unit works in full cooperation with the Afula Police department, the Ministry of Public Security, and various municipal departments.

Municipal police teams patrol the city in patrol cars and via foot patrols, and are present at crowded locations, recreation centers, education institutions, parks, public gardens and more.  The teams are drilled in emergency procedures for fires, floods, infrastructure damage, and more.

Director of the Municipal Police Unit – Maor Angel

Calls may be made 24/7 – to 106 (municipal call center) or 100

The Ministry of Public Security – municipal policing:  Visit site to receive additional information