Afula's security apparatus comprises a number of primary services including: security and preparation for emergencies at educational institutions, security for events, security for municipal activities, etc.
Municipal emergency services
In times of emergency, the city will continue to supply all essential services to its residents – to the greatest extent possible and in accordance with the emergency situation. Services will be extended in cooperation with emergency & rescue organizations and government ministries. The city will continue to function as required by attending to infrastructure, maintaining a clean city, keeping the roads system in proper working order and operating the 106 service call center, various emergency sites, and the municipal operations center. These will operate in coordination with all security, emergency and rescue bodies.
Municipal security officer and director of Supervisory & Parking Authority – Avi Edri
Phone: 04-6484221
Fax: 04-6520300
Email: [email protected]
Reception hours: 08:30 – 12:00
Address: 10 Haborchrim, Afula.Address: 10 Haborchrim, Afula.

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